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Current Issue: Sobremesa

Within photography there is one goal that should be held above all others. In looking at the image, we should not only question does it evoke reaction, but through what means? Is a photo able to do more than paint with light, and does it convey enough to stand as a unique language we can speak through?

It is clear that photographs have become a language, unfortunately like spoken languages there are some things that require more effort than a simple translation. Words like this, known as untranslatable words aren’t actually an impossible task to translate. Rather we must work harder to try and define a single word through abstract ideas about what that means. Sobremesa is one of these words.

Sobermesa: On Translating Photographs takes what I have learned throughout this project. What I have discovered and presented of the series, of the pair, and finally of the surroundings within our images. Combining them for what is the culmination of this project and leaves the discussion open after it is done.


About Serif & Silver

Serif & Silver is a quarterly film photography journal produced and published by Nate Matos. Each issue introduced with a short essay of thoughts on art, film photography, and the ideals that photographers hold close. This essay translates to the overarching theme and supports the photographs inside. A total of four issues will be released, each coming out quarterly beginning in June of 2015, beyond that who knows.

Alongside each issue, select items from Nate’s personal collection will be available for sale as well. These items include One of One releases, limited edition prints, and physical goods related to the theme at hand. Visit the shop below to see what is currently on sale. All related items are limited to stock on hand and will not be re-introduced to the catalog.

All money raised through Serif & Silver goes to its continued production, as money is scarce within print media this publication is done for the love of both photography and the printed photographic collection. Because of this, your support in purchasing not only the issue, but additional items available in the shop will help keep it running. Serif & Silver will never resort to a crowd funding platform for publication costs, and because of this your support is greatly appreciated.

Nate Matos, 2015


Previous Issue: Unchanged

Despite the areas around us, the ways in which we interact with the world, with art, despite of the focal point, these photographs display their purpose. It isn’t the subject that provides the most context in a photograph, but rather the negative space around it. In this space we find the meaning, we find the story, we find the background, and we find the soul. 

If we were to remove the subject, the negative space would not be able to exist on its own, surviving only as a mish-mash assortment of smaller less significant focal points our eyes dart around on. We know that space without a focal point is a mess, but it is where we want to live. The negative space supports the focal point by surrounding it, by stepping back, by giving it a home and a community to reside in.

Unchanged: The Moral Order of Negative Space is a reflection on the areas we occupy. Spaces in the real world, how we interact through communal and private, natural and man made, both in the real world and perhaps more importantly through the photographs we capture.

Serif & Silver


Issue IV: Sobremesa – On Translating Photographs
The domain may be for sale. Please send an inquiry to

Towards the end of this past summer I threw my camera bag into the car, woke up at three am and drove south heading towards Reno. I didn’t plan to head into Reno, in fact its edge was only meant to be a stopover while I ate and took a break after then hours of driving. But after driving around a bit I sought out more of the area and by the time I had parked the car and loaded my camera I knew I had to stay in this city for the weekend. My end goal was still a few hours south in Bodie, California, and the photos from that destination were actually intended to be the compositions for Issue III. Needless to say that did not happen. I made the decision to cancel the existing hotel I had planned to stay at in California and found my way […]


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